Comment on Intergenerational Trauma: Understanding Natives’ Inherited Pain by ronellem

Written by at May 19, 2017

I didn't know I was a Native American until I was around fifty years old. I knew my mother had abused me terribly leaving me depressed and suicidal. I left home when I was twelve years old and begged the San Francisco Juvenile Detenetion home to take me in. I had no relatives or friends who cared about what happened to me. I was very happy in the detention home I didn't want to leave.
I will simply say that I have spent 80 years of my life dealing with PTSD – undiagnosed – though my mother was diagnosed with 'shell shock" with no means to cure her.
I simply refused to answer the intense voices that wanted me dead because I was so bad. when I had spells like that I would go in my room – shut the door and deal with the demons for a day or two. I discovered that Marijuana released me from that demon Thank you God.
I'm not going on and on about what it feels like to have PTSD – I just know it IS Hell on earth…and the more we understand it and deal with it the more the whole wide world will find some PEACE>

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